Let’s Play a Game


A game sounds fun, right? I bet your wondering what kind of game we will be playing here tonight. Well, it is a guessing game. The winner of this game will get a wonderful prize! Wanna know what it is? Yes! Okay, the winner gets the ever-lasting image of excrement in places it should not be, and the relief that knowing it wasn’t your house or child that did what mine did today!

I bet you’re really curious now. 

Today’s game is called: Guess Where My Son Pooped!

I will give you three choices
1) in the toilet
2) in the back yard
3) in the toy box

What’s that? Oh, you don’t know my kid so you are not sure of what he is capable of. Okay, let’s use the process of elimination (no pun intended, but that made me laugh) to figure this out.

In the beginning, I mentioned that the winner would receive an image of poop where it shouldn’t be so toilet is out.

The back yard is next. Hmmm, while its not my preferred place for my three year old to take a dump, I would have to accept it as okay since I let the dogs do it. I’m going with his reasoning here!

Looks like we have our answer! For those of you that guessed the toy box, ding ding ding you got it right! My son took a big, fat, vegetarian, lentil-fed toddler poop right in the middle if his toys!  How’s that mental image coming?

How did he manage such a feat? Well, in my hopes of potty training my 3 year old we have been doing naked time. A lot of naked time. Since, when we put underwear on him he pees in them immediately, but makes it to the toilet occasionally naked it seems like the logical choice.  However, he has held his poop until the evenings when he gets a diaper for bed. Until today.

I know that convincing children that going number two on the toilet is often challenging. In fact, with my three older children I had a few misdirected pooping incidents; however, they were not vegetarians.  No, their diets were not made of mostly high fiber foods, so clean up was not quite as bad. This was bad.

I have to admit that I threw away many of the toys involved in the incident. I kept only those toys that seemed easily sterilized.

Maybe I am over reacting. I don’t know. How about you? Had any poop mishaps? Or, perhaps you have experience with potty training an extremely strong willed child? I’m open to advice.


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