Teething Sucks


Oh help me for I do not know how much more I can handle!

Okay, that is a bit dramatic.  Don’t worry I assure you I am not going to hurt myself or my baby.  I am just having a hard time dealing with the screaming monster that has taken over my child’s body for the past few weeks.  My sweet Lady Bug has never been an “easy baby”.  On the contrary, she has been more of a high needs baby since day one.  However, we have been having a much easier time as she has gained some mobility. With crawling came a whole new baby. 

Rather than spending her days screaming, she would spend time moving around on the floor looking for new and exciting things to play with.  Her favorite things are, as to be expected, not hers.  She likes string, things the dogs have chewed up, and pretty much any choking hazards you can think of.  Ah, the joys of chasing a mobile baby.  At least she wasnt crying all of the time.

Unfortunately, just as she was finding a more content way of being our whole world changed as her top front teeth started to emerge.  Now, she cries most of the day.  When she is not crying she is making strange sucky faces, and even stranger sucky sounds.  She is miserable.  I have tried teething toys, frozen rags, self feeders packed with cold banannas, her Sophie the Giraffe, and even the dreaded Tylenol all to no avail.  Many of the items are so hard to clean that I really dont even want to use them because the few minutes of peace we get are just not worth it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this is much worse for her than it is for me.  She is in pain.  She is not trying to cause me stress during the day.  However, no matter how many times I tell myself that I still cant stop wishing she would just be happy!  I know that is wrong.  I feel guilty for even thinking it.  I am just so tired.

Her sleeping schedule, if you want to call it that, used to be pretty reliable. Lady Bug would nurse to sleep between 8:30 and 9:00 pm, and wake just enough to switch boobs every two hours. This was working for us. I don’t get undisturbed sleep, but I am not getting out of bed so I’m not complaining. But, that has flown out the window! Now, she actually wakes at night. Switching boobs is no longer enough. She needs me to soothe her, sway with her, and cuddle with her.

I am not a bug cuddler at 2:00 am. Actually, my cuddle instincts don’t kick in until around 6:30 am. That’s right I said it. When my baby is looking to me for comfort in the wee hours of the morning I can’t help but to think, “okay kid that’s enough! You’re hurting and km tired let’s call it even and go back to sleep!”

I actually caught myself, the other night, offering her a hundred bucks to go to sleep. She didn’t, which was good because that would have really sucked! Like, what does a nine month old need a hundred slacker for? She’d probably blow it all on cardboard boxes and notebook paper. Since, she’s always trying to eat ours and we always take them away from her.

Back to the sucking of seething. So, for any moms that don’t know, teething on its own can be a rough situation, but there are also a few complications that come along with teething that really push the whole experience into the next level of suckage!

First, there is the drool! Shirts get soaked. You put a bib on to help sop up some of the drool. Great, now the bib is soaked! Crap, how did drool get on the couch? Seriously, drool is everywhere. But, it gets worse!

Excess drool can cause diareah. Great, now the baby is a walking, or crawling, science experiment with liquids evacuating her body from both ends. But, wait it gets worser!

With runny poop comes red butts. That’s right the teething rash is bound to show up ay some point in this process! So now your beautiful baby is a crying, dripping, squirmin
g poop shooter with a rash. And you, poor momma, are doing your best to keep up with it all on no sleep when all of the sudden the worstest (yes, I know these are not real words!) Thing of all happens.

Baby, whose gums are sore, decides it hurts too bad to nurse! Now, not all babies decide to grab out their picket signs and babble, “teef hurts I no nurse” while crawling back and forth through the living room, but some do. The absolute best thing you can do at this time is remain calm! This can be a peaceful protest! Your wee one is hurting but will come back to the breast!

Nursing strikes are pretty common around the time that teeth start making an appearance. You can check out these tips from kellymom.com. My Lady Bug has not started protesting the boob yet, but if she does I’m ready!

Honestly, teething sucks. It sucks for parents and the children going through the ordeal. However, we will all make it through this stage and be stronger and more grateful for the quiet moments than we were before!

Just think, after that first little tooth breaks through, only 19 more to go…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy A
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 21:03:43

    I still can’t believe when I read (in magazines, books, online) that the pains of teething are largely overrated. Just ask any parent whose been through it, it can be tough. I’m sure there are many different reactions to teeth coming in, some kids don’t seem to be bothered. And, yes, not every bad mood, and sleepless night is teething. And, of course, I laugh too, when I hear the mom of the 2 or 3 month old say their fussy baby is acting like that, or crying like that because their teething, when there are no obvious signs of teeth, teething or the like in their mouth.

    But, when you are going through it — like you obviously are, and like I am (I have an 8 month old with 6 teeth right now), it can be rough. So, I say don’t feel bad if you have to resort to medication (use as directed, of course), and celebrate those teeth. It’s momentous for sure!

    Cheers! Amy


    • totallyattachedmomma
      Oct 11, 2011 @ 22:10:27

      Thank you for your comment. I don’t know who says teething pain is over rated! My guess is these people have no children, ha ha ha. It is rough but I know it will not last forever and her toothy little grin is so cute! Oh and wow! Six teeth already! Mine has 3 with a fourth trying to break through! It is so cool how babies are all so different!


      • Amy A
        Oct 12, 2011 @ 02:18:00

        I’m going to have to write a post about this topic, because I know I’ve read about it a lot. My little guy is having a rough day today. He’s sleeping now, and daddy’s watching him, ahhh. So far today just distracting him from the pain is working, but I’m not opposed to medicine, when necessary.

  2. totallyattachedmomma
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 11:09:38

    I’m so sorry to hear your baby has been having a hard time today.

    I am not against medicine, when necessary, per se. I try to avoid medicine when I can. My little one doesn’t show great improvement when I give her tylenol, so I don’t like giving it to her. I prefer, in most circumstances, to find natural ways to soothe her. That said, if she were to spike a crazy fever I would be grabbing for the tylenol immediately.

    I tend to believe that our bodies are capable of handling many of the ailments we go through, and that as a society we over medicate and under nourish. I believe that teething is putting her immune system through enough stress right now, and the over use of medications will result in further weakening, which may lead to subsequent infections. However, that is my belief for my children. I totally support and encourage other parents to react to teething, and other ailments, in whatever way that works for their family. I am not about judging.

    I hope your baby feels better. Mine is fussy and attacking anything that come near her mouth right now, so I have to go start our ritual of trying to figure out what will make her happy for a few minutes 🙂


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