Boob in the Mouth

Announcing a parenting innovation unmatched by any before it. ” Boob in the Mouth” solves many common childhood ailments!

  • Fussy baby? “Boob in the Mouth” will quiet your baby down quickly.
  • Tired Toddler?  Try a “Boob in the Mouth!”
  • Little one has a boo boo? It will be no more than a memory with a “Boob in the Mouth!”
  • Diaper rash?  Squirt a little miracle juice from the “Boob in the Mouth” on it and it will clear up in no time!


Boob in the Mouth 




  • Great for babies and toddlers!
  • No batteries required!
  • Great for daytime or nighttime use!
  • no need for bottles, pacifiers, or other baby soothers when you have a “Boob in the Mouth!”

No matter the problem simply insert “Boob in the Mouth” and watch it melt away!

Best of all “Boob in the Mouth” comes at no cost to you!


Get your “Boob in the Mouth” today!








Sizes may vary.  May cause drowsiness.  Not recommended for use while driving a motor vehicle.  Not available in stores! 



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