Let’s Talk Cloth

Diapers that is.

I started cloth diapering my son three years ago, and have continued the practice with my daughter who is six months old. Here are some cool things I learned about cloth diapers:

> You can spend as much or as little as you want to start out.
> After your initial investment you are done with paying for diapers.
> You can sell cloth diapers when you are done with them. Seriously, I would love to see you try that with a disposable diaper!
> Cloth diapers are CUTE! I know that one disposable diaper company makes those denim looking diapers, but come one I don’t want     my son in something that resembles daisy dukes! Do you?
> Cloth Diapers are good for the environment.
> They are good for your baby’s butt.  You get to avoid the chemicals used to make something so trim hold so much liquid.

Even with all these good things it can be hard to know where to start. Let me explain some of your options then I will tell you my preference.

Flats. These are a big square of flat fabric that you fold to fit in a diaper cover. They wash and dry quickly and are pretty inexpensive. You can find a ton of instructions for folding on the web!

Prefolds. The are flats already folded. Again, these wash and dry quickly, and they are also pretty cheap. Stick them in a cover and you are good to go.

Pocket diapers. These are pretty nice for dads, daycare, and other situations where people may not be amped about folding a diaper. No cover required just stick something absorbent in the pocket made in to the diaper and voila! Done. These cost a bit more, and require a bit more care in the wash. Pocket diapers dry quickly and come in a lot of colors.

AIO. ALL IN ONES. These are as they say. There is no folding, stuffing, pinning or covering. This is the most closely related to the disposable in terms of ease. Again, the price is much higher than flats or prefolds, but you are getting a lot of convenience with these. The dry time is pretty long. There are a tone of cute colors though.

Covers. Covers go over a flat, fitted, or prefold diaper. They can be cute or basic. Some are PUL,and some are fleece. They can have velcro or snaps. The choices go on and on, but I will warn you that more expensive is not always better!

Soakers. I have seen both wool and fleece soakers. However, I don’t feel like fleece is a soaker because fleece repels the liquid similarly to PUL. Therefore, while fleece is great, I think of fleece in all forms as a cover. A soaker to me is wool. Wool absorbs the liquid but does not allow it to wick on to clothing. You can find wool covers that snap or velcro, longies (pants), and shorties (shorts). They come in a ton of colors or all natural tan. The care involved in wool soakers is a lot more than the other options, but is well worth it.

Wee Man in a green pocket diaper at the beach (2008)

There are other options as far as cloth but these are the ones I have used myself. For night-time I used to only use wool, but now for my daughter, I am looking to go another route. I will update you as I figure out what I am going to use.

My preference for cloth diapers is prefolds and covers.  I use prefolds everyday. I usually use a Snappi (wich is s rubber grabby thing that holds the diapers with out pins) when they are little and then just fold the prefold in to thirds and stick it in the cover when they are bigger.  I wash diapers every other day, and with 24 newborn sized prefolds I have plenty to make it on that washing schedule.  Yes, at six months old my daughter can still use newborn sized prefolds.  They have a trim fit and are super absorbent.

When I used pocket diapers I spent a lot of money only to turn around and favor the prefolds.  I ended up selling most of my pockets and investing in more covers.  I just hated having to worry about them getting less absorbent if I used too much detergent or not the right type.  I also didn’t find them to be as trim as prefolds.  I am currently looking for a few pocket diapers because I think most of my problem was the brands I used.  I am thinking there are some wahms out the that have something that will work for my baby and me!

The only problem, as I see it, is that cloth diapering quickly becomes addictive!  I always want to buy more.  I love the softness of some, and I adore many of the new designs and colors.

Right now, as I stated earlier, I am looking for ideas on a night-time diaper for my daughter.  I want an AIO or a pocket diaper.  I am also thinking I want fleece.  I think it  would be lovely to cuddle up to my baby at night and have her bottom covered in warm and cozy fleece.  So, I would appreciate any opinions on night-time diapers.

My adventure in cloth diapers has been great.  My baby is happy, and avoiding the chemicals added to many disposable diapers.  She is spoiled I know breastfed, cloth diapered, and held all night. Lucky girl!


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