Can I have your attention, please?

Hi and welcome.  You have stumbled across my blog, and I bet you are  now wondering what I am here to do.  I have a purpose here.  I plan to write about life, family, cloth diapering, and breastfeeding.  Yes, another one of those.  let me go ahead and answer some of the questions that pop in to my mind when I happen upon a new blog. Am I a lactavist? No.  While I wish I was a great defender of a woman’s right to feed her child, I am simply a woman with the right to feed her child.  I rarely if ever become confrontational.  So, I will let the hard-working, and more forth right women defend our rights and I will simply try to spread my own opinion and dispel some myths about “natural parenting.” Am I a hippie? No, again.  although, I do enjoy peace, love, and happiness, I am not going all kumbaya on anyone! I really don’t fit in to any categories.

I am a mom.  My name is Kim. I do my best.  I have formula fed, and I have used disposable diapers.  I have given birth 5 times.  I have had epidurals, inductions, and a cesarean.  I have also had a home birth.  I will post the wonderful birth story later.  My opinions of parenting evolved over the years.  I have gone from an 18-year-old mother doing her best to raise my children in a way that pleases everyone she knows to a 31-year-old mother who follows her instincts to please herself and her children.

Let me now introduce the small people who have made me what I am today. 

First, my eldest Queen Sas.  She is a 13-year-old full of attitude.  I love her dearly, but have grown to wonder how she got so mean.  I am blaming it on hormones. I hear the words, “I hate you,” quite often, and hope that she is simply expressing herself. I often worry that she will hate me as she grows older, but I am doing my best to connect with her on the important things, and battle with her only as a last resort. She was my first born, and there is a lot of mommy guilt hidden in my mind over this one!

Next, my Big Man.  My first boy is 10 years old , and such an amazing creature.  He is good at everything he does, but he rarely tries anything new because of a fear of failing.

My third child, Princess, is as her nickname suggests.  She expects nothing less than being treated like royalty. Princess is 8 years old.

Number four is my Wee Man.  He is full of life.  His intelligence and imagination amaze me. At 3 years old he is in to everything! I hade been finding it hard to figure out new ways of redirecting his behaviour, as he tends to get out of control quickly and often!

Finally, my sweet Lady Bug.  My 6 month old attention hog.  She is always with me day and night. She has really been a new source of confidence for me. She is the result of a failed tubal ligation, and the baby I never knew I needed. But need her I did! She has given me the stregnth to stand up to a few people that feel like babies should cry sometimes. Be bottle fed for the mothers convenience, and left to sleep alone in dark rooms. She is like my side kick these days. 

So, that is us.  I look forward to sharing more with you, but as it is I have typed much of this with one hand because Lady Bug is demanding my attention.


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